10 Best Tasting Beers For Beginners and Non-Beer Drinkers

Ah, beer! There’s nothing quite like that first sip of a good, well-crafted brew. It’s a liquid dance of malt and hops, yeast and water that connects us to thousands of years of human history. Beer, in its many forms, is more than just a beverage—it’s a whole universe of flavors, styles, and cultures.

Yet, like any universe, the world of beer can be intimidating for newcomers. There’s so much to learn, and with so many beers to try, where does one start? Well, fear not, friends. The path to understanding and enjoying beer is akin to embarking on an adventurous journey, where every sip is a revelation, a new discovery.

The best-tasting beers for beginners are often those that are lighter and boast a lower alcohol content, but still brim with taste. These beers can ease you into the diverse and fascinating world of beer, helping you to discern and appreciate the different flavor notes and styles. Over time, you may find yourself exploring more complex and robust beers, but there’s no rush. Remember, the journey through the universe of beer should be savored, just like the beers themselves. Cheers!

Understanding Beer for Beginners and Non-Beer Drinkers

So what makes a beer beginner-friendly? One of the key factors is the beer’s alcohol content. We don’t want you to dive headfirst into a potent double IPA or a Belgian tripel, or a beer that is usually high in alcohol. Instead, we suggest starting with beers that have a lower alcohol by volume (ABV). These beers, including the less intense versions of the beer, will allow you to appreciate the beverage’s subtle nuances without overwhelming your palate—or your senses.

Moving on to taste profiles, it’s essential to consider your flavor preferences when choosing a beer, whether that’s a light lager, a beer, or something else. Beer, much like the best sour beers, is not a one-size-fits-all beverage. Some beers are on the bitter side, others are mellow, and some, like particular beers, have an earthy aroma, while others can be fruity. As a beginner, you’ll likely appreciate beers with balanced flavors—not excessively bitter, not overly sweet, akin to a finely crafted beer. If you’re just starting out and unsure about your first step, it may be beneficial to explore a compilation of the best-tasting beers for beginners.

Speaking of sour beers, they can be excellent for beginners looking to explore beyond the conventional beer flavor profiles. Some of the best sour beers balance tartness with a touch of sweetness, making them a refreshing choice, especially during warm weather.

Top 10 Beginner-Friendly Beers You Need To Try

1. Modelo Especial Mexican Lager Beer

Why We Like It?
Modelo Especial beer is a gold-standard lager in the world of beers. Its full-flavored profile is a delicate balance of malt sweetness and light hop bitterness, presenting a brilliant harmony of taste. The beer unfurls flavors reminiscent of bread and a hint of honey, leaving a clean, crisp finish. It’s as refreshing as a sunny day, feeling just like bottled sunshine. Perfect for beer novices, Modelo Especial offers a moderate taste that paves the way for a deeper appreciation of beer’s complexities.

Average Price and Alcohol Content
Modelo Especial brings superior quality at an affordable price point. A six-pack usually costs around $9. The beer’s Alcohol by Volume (ABV) is comfortably set at 4.4%, striking the perfect balance between great taste and manageable potency. This beer allows beginners to explore the vibrant taste of lager without being overpowering. It’s a choice brew for those new to the rich tapestry of beer flavors and is one of the best tasting beers in my humble opinion.

2. Shock Top Belgian White

Why We Like It?
Shock Top beer is a spiced Belgian-style wheat ale with real citrus peels and coriander spice for that citrusy zest and slightly peppery note. It’s like a party on your palate—playful, unexpected, and refreshing. Shock Top beer generally costs about $9 for a six-pack, and its ABV comes in at a smooth 5.2%. A great choice for non-beer drinkers.

3. Corona Extra

Why We Like It?
Ah, Corona Extra—the beer that brings the beach to you! This pale lager is crisp and refreshing with a subtle malty sweetness and a soft hop bitterness. It’s perfect with a slice of lime, evoking images of sandy shores and cerulean seas with every sip. A six-pack of Corona Extra typically costs around $10. The beer’s ABV is a manageable 4.6%.

4. Blue Moon Belgian White Ale

Why We Like It?
Blue Moon is a Belgian-style wheat ale brewed with Valencia orange peel and coriander, creating a refreshing and slightly fruity brew. It’s smooth, creamy, and just plain tasty. A six-pack of Blue Moon generally costs about $9, with an ABV of 5.4%.

5. Guinness Draught Dark Beer

Why We Like It?
Don’t let Guinness Draught’s dark color fool you—it’s a surprisingly smooth and easy beer to drink. This Irish stout offers flavors of malt, coffee, and chocolate. It’s like a cozy blanket for your taste buds! A six-pack of Guinness Draught will cost around $9, and it has a low ABV of 4.2%.

6. New Belgium Fat Tire Amber Ale

Why We Like It?
Fat Tire is a well-balanced brew with toasty, biscuit-like malt flavors coasting in equilibrium with hoppy freshness. This beer is the epitome of harmony—it’s like listening to a symphony in beer form. A six-pack of Fat Tire runs about $9, and its ABV is 5.2%.

7. Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

Why We Like It?
Sierra Nevada Pale Ale is a delightful foray into the world of hoppier beers. It boasts a delicate balance of biscuity maltiness accentuated by fragrant citrus and pine notes from Cascade hops. It’s like a crisp mountain breeze in a bottle, providing an invigorating and refreshing drinking experience. A six-pack of Sierra Nevada Pale Ale averages around $10, with a slightly higher ABV of 5.6%.

8. Bud Light Lime

Why We Like It?
Bud Light Lime takes a light American lager and adds a twist—literally. A twist of fresh lime for a refreshing kick. It’s an easy-drinking, citrusy brew that’s perfect for a hot day—it’s like a cool breeze off the ocean. A six-pack of Bud Light Lime generally costs around $8, with an ABV of 4.2%.

9. Founders Robust Porter

Why We Like It?
Don’t be intimidated by the dark side! Founders Robust Porter is a beginner-friendly introduction to darker beers, with its rich, dark color and complex flavor profile featuring hints of chocolate and coffee. It’s like a slice of decadent cake in beer form—a treat for your taste buds. A six-pack of Founders Robust Porter will run you around $12. It has a slightly higher ABV, coming in at 6.5%.

10. Samuel Adams Boston Lager

Why We Like It?
Samuel Adams Boston Lager is an excellent introduction to the world of lagers. This beer is well-rounded and balanced, with a malt sweetness and a hop bitterness that plays nicely together—it’s like a beautifully composed piece of music, where every note is just where it should be. A six-pack of Samuel Adams Boston Lager typically costs around $9, with an ABV of 5.0%.

Wrapping up

Exploring the world of beer is an exciting journey, and these ten beginner-friendly beers are an excellent starting point for those new to the craft. Each selection offers its own unique flavors and characteristics, making them a great introduction to the diverse universe of beer. From the crisp and refreshing Modelo Especial to the smooth and creamy Guinness Draught, these beginner beers provide a range of taste experiences that will appeal to both newcomers and non-beer drinkers alike.

It’s worth noting that while these beginner beers are perfect for those just starting out, they are by no means limited to beginners. Even seasoned beer enthusiasts can appreciate the quality and craftsmanship that goes into these brews. Whether you’re looking for a light and refreshing option like Corona Extra or a more complex and robust choice like Founders Robust Porter, these beginner beers offer something for everyone.

So, grab a cold one, gather some friends, and embark on your beer-tasting adventure. With these ten beginner beers as your guide, you’re sure to discover new flavors, expand your palate, and appreciate the artistry that goes into crafting a great beer. Cheers to good times, great flavors, and the joy of discovering the wide world of beer!